Very Berry

Good Earth Very Berry Muesli is a combination of nature’s finest ingredients. A healthy and breakfast meal, it has the goodness and the choicest ingredients to provide you with sustained energy through the day. A¬†multigrain cereal with oats, rice flakes, wheat flakes and corn flakes. Together they provide fiber and have immense health benefits.

Our Muesli contains dry fruits too. Figs, almonds, dates and raisins, are all part of the mix. These dry fruits, apart from being a good source of nutrients, also enhanced the taste with their intense, distinctive flavor.

With natural sugars like honey and jaggery that give you the quick energy boost you require to start your day. Plus essential vitamins and minerals too.

The Goodness of Berries

Cranberries are packed with powerful nutrients that boost your immune system and also helps to clean and purify your body. Blackcurrants are full of health-promoting anti-oxidants and Vitamin C.

Stronger bones and greater vigor are yours, with the powerhouse of nutrients that all the berries and almonds provide.