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Avesta Good Earth Foods is an Indian food company with global ambitions, dedicated to developing nutritious alternatives for breakfast, daily snacks, and functional food for all who strive towards promoting wellbeing through a healthy diet. We add value by developing and marketing product lines Fortified with nutritional bioactives Sourced from traditional Indian medicine Clinically validated by techniques of modern science. Avesta Good Earth Foods will play a key role in Avesthagenís long-term strategy to launch its branded nutraceuticals as Functional Foods targeting the burgeoning health foods market in India. The new line of business will also complement the companyís core philosophy of promoting good health and wellbeing in India and abroad.

  Our Mission  
  A Nutrition & Wellness Company targeting health-conscious consumers in India & abroad
- Started in 1989 as a partnership, Good Earth Foods
- Acquired by Avesthagen in 2005

We produce nutritious foods aimed at enhancing / enabling a healthier lifestyle

We provide 100% vegetarian products that deliver enhanced nutrition in a more convenient form
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