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Good Earth Elaichi Muesli    
Nutritional Content  
Serving size: 30g (113 Kcal)  
Carbohydrates: 78.62 %  
Fat 5.51 %
Fiber 7.88 %
Protein 9.00 %
Iron 32.2 mg/100gm
Phosphorus 200 mg/100gm
Potassium 430 mg/100gm
Calcium 79.80 mg/100gm
Vitamin C 86.00mg/100g
Value Proposition  

Good Earth Elaichi Muesli has the same goodness of the flagship Good Earth Classic Muesli. First pairing of Indian cardamom with cereal of any kind in the world. Brings the flavourful bounty of Indian Elaichi to the breakfast and snacking regimen of consumers worldwide.

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