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Good Earth Chocolate Muesli    
Nutritional Content  
Serving size: 30g (114.3 Kcal)  
Carbohydrates: 76.46  
Fat 6.30% w/w
Fiber 11.94%
Protein 11.32%
Iron 29.9 mg/100gm
Phosphorus 260 mg/100gm
Potassium 460 mg/100gm
Calcium 110 mg/100gm
Vitamin C 94.64mg/100g
Value Proposition  

Good Earth Chocolate Muesli has the same goodness of the flagship Good Earth Classic Muesli. First pairing of Muesli and Chocolate in India. Chocolate is a very widely preferred flavor and the product is specifically targeted to children as well as all chocolate lovers.

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