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Yes, it’s possible. Good Health and Good taste can come together

Good for Earth, Good for You!


We are a Therapeutic Nutrition Food Company dedicated to creating nutritious alternatives to breakfasts and snacks for the health conscious consumer. Our Functional Food range of delicious snacks enriched with plant-based bioactives aim to promote well being from within.


Refined Sugar Free

Our products contain no added processed sugars. Sugar in our products comes from natural sources, such as dry fruits, like raisins, dates & figs or from jaggery and honey. Unprocessed sugars are easily metabolised by your body and better for you when compared to processed sugars.


100% Natural & Plant based

Nothing we use is artificial! Natural ingredients, natural sugars, whole grain, nuts and seeds and no additives of any sort. There are no added sugars, salt, preservatives, chemicals, artificial proteins or oils. Our products are truly all natural. We give you the goodness of the Earth in a box.


No Preservatives

Our products are free from any added preservatives. We ensure industry standard shelf lives by optimising our packaging to extend shelf life. With the use of modern technologies, we are able to give you a long lasting product which stays fresh providing you time and again with a healthy product you can trust.


Highest quality Ingredients

We only use premium ingredients like California Almonds, Arabian Dates, Australian Rolled Oats and more. We do not compromise on quality by using by-products or alternatives. Consistently giving you healthy, scientifically validated products that you can trust! We believe that good health and good taste can come together.


Therapeutic Plant Bioactives

The scientifically validated bioactives that we use in our Functional Foods are entirely plant based and vegan. Suitable for health conscious consumers looking for wholesome vegetarian options on the go!


Talk to us

We value our customers and their satisfaction with our products. Send us your valuable input and we will try to accommodate you.

Holistic Sugar Management

Teestar® Bioactive Gummies


Teestar® sugar and calorie management effects have been linked to the feeling of satiety, delayed gastric emtying and inhibiting carbohydrate digestion. Teestar® has clinically shown reduction in blood sugar levels. It slows down the conversion of food sugar into serum glucose absorption. Recommended for all who strive to manage high blood sugar levels and the onset of diabetes. Our all-natural, 100% botanical gummies are suitable for today's fast paced lifestyle and can be eaten on-the-go! Order your bottle now!

A Wholesome Breakfast

Classic Muesli


Our Classic Muesli is lovingly formulated to give you the most nutritionally balanced start to your day! Packed with the power of 5 Whole Grains - oats, wheat, rice and corn. Sweetened naturally with figs carrying undertones of vanilla and bourbon and tarty raisins balanced by the sweet richness of dates. All coming together with the vitamin-rich nuttiness of almonds and sesame seeds. A bowl of crunchy, chewy and wholesome Classic Muesli pairs deliciously with dairy, nut mylk or smoothie bowls. Yes, Good Health and Great Taste in one bowl!

Eat wholesome

Feature Products


Teestar® Bioactive Gummies

Teestar® Sugar Control Gummies are specially formulated for all those striving for a healthier lifestyle. Ideal for people controlling their sugar intake, for diabetics and weight watchers. Teestar® is 100% natural and has been clinically shown to reduce blood sugar levels of upto 10MG/DL post prandial.

About me 

No added sugar, 100% botanical ingredient, vegan friendly, sugar and calorie management the natural way! Tamarind and Litchi flavours available. Designed for today’s fast paced on-the-go life.



What are Our Customers Saying?


Our loyal customers date back over two decades. Here’s what they have to say!

The Good Earth Foods Story

Why are we the best?


Modern living makes it hard for us to stay healthy and often convenient choices become unhealthy choices. Our mission is to bring you nutritious, wholesome, preservative-free Functional Foods designed to suit your modern lifestyle without compromising on quality.

Good Earth Foods was founded by the beloved Bollywood actress Waheeda Rehman and Entrepreneur Ashrafa Sattar way back in 1989. “Good Earth Farm House Breakfast Cereal” was the front runner in their mission to ensure that Indians eat high-quality, healthy & nutritious meals.

Avesthagen Limited, a leading life-sciences company, acquired Good Earth Foods in 2005 to use as a vehicle to introduce their line of proprietary, clinically validated and most importantly, 100% natural Functional Foods. Avesta Good Earth Foods kept the high standards set by Waheeda and Ashrafa alive, while improving the formulations of their products to further their mission of making India’s food market healthier.

Functional foods are foods that have an additional health benefit to the regular macronutrients and micronutrients in food. Avesta Good Earth Foods does this through 100% natural compounds called bioactives. Bioactives are molecules that are present in vegetables, nuts, fruits etc., that exhibit a capacity to modulate metabolic processes. Hence, promoting good health and wellness from within.

Plant bioactives contain beneficial health-promoting compounds that, when combined with balanced nutrition, positively influence general wellbeing, reduce disease risk, and modulate effects on disease markers. Our proprietary line of clinically validated,  vegetarian and 100% natural bioactives, provide protective benefits against conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and more. Our products are safe to consume if you are afflicted with any of these ailments or if you have a genetic predisposition to them. Our AvestaDHA, the world’s only vegetarian DHA, is ideal for children and the ageing population.

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