All natural and plant based Functional Foods with bioactives Our Mueslis, energy bars and whole wheat crackers enriched with scientifically validated plant based bioactives, provide health benefits beyond their nutritional value for bone enrichment, cardiovascular health and blood sugar management Learn More purchase now India's First vegetarian DHA Chocolate Muesli with AvestaDHATM Boost your cognitive health with AvestaDHA. Beneficial for the heart, developing brain and good for long lasting vision. Learn More purchase now Let food be your medicine Whole Wheat Crackers with Teestar TM Add a crunch to your day with our delicious whole wheat crackers. Now made even healthier with our bioactive ingredient TeestarTM. Ideal for diabetics who strive to control sugar management the natural way! Learn More purchase now Let food be your medicine Very Berry Muesli with GojiMaxTM Packed with berries, whole grains and almonds. The power of our botanical bioactive GojiMax is specially formulated to boost your immune system with every delicious bite! A 100% natural and plant based Functional Food Learn More purchase now


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Functional Food

Let food be your medicine

Functional Food


All natural, plant based, preservative free food that’s designed to create wellness from within you. Nutraceuticals or Functional Foods are foods with higher than normal nutritional value and give you certain health benefits. For example, we have a range of branded and scientifically validated bioactives, GojiMax™, Bonaphyte™, Cincata™, Phytossea™, Teestar™, AvestaDHA™, all catering to immunity, bone health, blood sugar management, stress busting and improving heart health and cognition.

Unlock the potential of botanicals

Benefits of Bioactives


“Let food be your medicine” – Hippocrates

Words of age-old wisdom from the father of medicine that we at Avesta Good Earth Foods wholly subscribe to. Indeed, our work is grounded in the entwined concepts – that health is mankind’s greatest blessing, and that a nutritious diet, not medication, should be the source of fitness and sound health, preventing, or at the very least delaying the onslaught of a host of diseases, degenerative conditions and metabolic disorders.

Traditional systems of Indian medicine such as Ayurveda promote healthy living through self-knowledge and self-care. Ayurveda, meaning “knowledge of life”, is predicated on the belief that life can be augmented and healing manifested through a proximity to nature. We deeply appreciate the immense benefits of Ayurveda, and seek to make these natural, life-enhancing ingredients freely and easily accessible and integral to the world’s everyday food menu. Contributing significantly to the well-being of the human race. Bringing science to bear on life.

Driven by this vision, we combine nature, tradition and technology to create quality ingredients that meet consumer needs for great taste, better nutrition and disease prevention, cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability. Preventive healthcare from the wisdom of ancient India. Avesta Good Earth Foods focus is on developing healthy foods fortified with scientifically validated, nutritional bioactives from traditional Indian medicinal plants, for preventing or treating degenerative conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and bone health. Also, in the area of performance and stress, skincare and digestion.

Avesta good Earth Foods brings you all this and more in the form of Functional Foods. Healthy, all natural foods enriched with plant based bioactives, providing health benefits far beyond their nutritional value whilst addressing specific health related concerns through food. Functional Foods when consumed at efficacious levels as part of a varied diet on a regular basis can provide health benefits beyond the provision of essential nutrients. Our Functional Foods are available as Muesli, Energy bars and whole wheat crackers.

The Power of Teestar™ - India’s original sugar management cracker is coming to your shelves once again! Avesta Good Earth Foods brings you Teestar™ crackers - the smart and all natural way to control your sugars and lead a healthier life. Good for earth, good for you!

India’s original sugar management cracker is coming to your shelves once again! Avesta Good Earth Foods brings you Teestar crackers - the smart and all natural way to control your sugars and lead a healthier life. Good for earth, good for you. Let the goodness of Teestar lead the way! #teestar #functionalfood #diabetes #sugarmanagement #crackers #indiasfirst

Posted by Avesta Good Earth Foods on Thursday, September 20, 2018
Yes, it’s possible. Good Health and Good taste can come together

Good for Earth, Good for You!


We are dedicated to creating nutritious alternatives to breakfasts and snacks for the health conscious consumer. Our functional food range of delicious snacks enriched with plant-based bioactives aim to promote well being from within.


Refined Sugar Free

Our products contain no added processed sugars. All the sugar in our products comes from natural sources, such as dry fruits like raisins, dates & figs or from jaggery and honey. Unprocessed sugars are easily metabolised by your body and better for you when compared to processed sugars. Good for earth, good for you!


100% Natural & Plant based

Nothing we use is artificial! Natural ingredients, natural sugars, whole grain, nuts and seeds and no additives of any sort. There are no added sugars, salt, preservatives, chemicals, artificial proteins, no oils. Our products are truly all natural. We give you the goodness of the Earth in a box. Good for earth, good for you!


No Preservatives

Our products are free from any added preservatives. We ensure industry standard shelf lives by optimising our packaging to extend shelf life. With the use of modern technologies, we are able to give you a long lasting product which stays fresh providing you time and again with a healthy product you can trust.


Highest quality Ingredients

We only use premium ingredients like California Almonds, Arabian Dates, Australian Rolled Oats and more. We do not compromise on quality by using by-products or compromised alternatives. Consistently giving you healthy, scientifically validated products that you can trust! We believe that good health and good taste can come together at Avesta Good Earth Foods!


Vegan & Plant based

Our products are vegan friendly and plant based. Suitable for consumers looking for wholesome vegetarian options on the go!


Talk to us

We value our customers and their satisfaction with our products. Send us your valuable input and we will try to accommodate you.

Sugar Management the holistic way

Diet Muesli - Festive Offer


Nature's finest ingredients come together to bring you a specially formulated functional food recipe: rich in fibre, iron and vitamins. Good Earth's Diet Muesli is made of oats, wheat germ, wheat bran, and psyllium husk. Together they provide immense health benefits. Naturally sweetened with apples, raisins and almonds which provide you with protein, minerals, vitamins and iron. Free from any added SALT or SUGAR. A perfect choice of breakfast for diabetics, heart patients, weight watchers and those with a predisposition to obesity and high cholesterol. Pair this with your favourite type of plant/nut milk or smoothie bowl. Good health and good taste can come together here!

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