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Avesta Good Earth Foods is a Therapeutic Nutrition Food company dedicated to developing nutritious alternatives for breakfasts, daily snacks, and Functional Foods for all who strive towards promoting well being through a healthy diet. Our mission was born from a need to create honest food by paying attention to the quality of ingredients, retaining its original form, eliminating processed and added sugar substitutes, and all preservatives. To create food as it should be eaten. Our products source the finest grains, nuts, fruit and fibre. Nature’s finest sweeteners, jaggery and honey, are what we like to use. Our all natural mueslis, muesli bars and whole wheat crackers deliver on nutrients, energy, taste and convenience. Our products can be used on-the-go for today’s fast paced, discerning, lifestyle conscious consumer.

At Avesta Good Earth Foods, we believe that food can be therapeutic. If careful attention is paid to customize dietary inputs with respect to individual needs, balance can be achieved from WITHIN. Our Functional Food product lines aim to do just that by using nutraceutical bioactives sourced from traditional Indian medicine, scientifically validated through techniques of modern science, offering you a preventive and personalized health management strategy. Our Functional food, functional ingredients and healthy food alternatives can be found through modern trade and e-commerce platforms.

Good Earth was the very first company in India to introduce Muesli in the Indian market. Established and co-founded in 1989 by two working mothers with a mission to provide a healthy breakfast for their kids. It is the oldest, all natural, and most trusted Muesli brand in India. Good Earth Foods has earned its position as the earliest rare packaged food company focusing on Healthy and Nutritious products. In 2005, Good Earth was acquired by Avesthagen Limited, a biotech company focused on life sciences and R&D based Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Healthcare.

Avesta Good Earth Foods was born through a shared foundation based on the belief that food should be all-natural and create wellbeing from within. Avesta Good Earth Foods focuses on delivering good health and preventive care through food. Our products are made from 100% natural and vegetarian ingredients, providing enhanced nutrition in a convenient form for the health conscious consumer.

The original health food story

Our History

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The Good Earth story began when two iconic women, Waheeda Rehman, India’s beloved actor, and Ashrafa Sattar, an entrepreneur, came together and created India’s very First and Original Muesli. The story of the original two mothers who wanted to create a wholesome yet convenient breakfast for their children growing up at a time when nothing of the sort existed in India. No one tells the story better than Waheeda herself…

It all started with me and my nagging. ‘They’ve rushed off to school on an empty stomach’. That was my refrain day after day. I thought my kids peculiar till my neighbour, Ashrafa Sattar, on the next farm had the same complaint.

So Ashrafa and I put our heads together, read as much as we could on nutrition and experimented with various combinations. We consulted leading nutritionists in India, USA and Switzerland to arrive at a perfect formula – not only highly nutritious, but also delicious to taste. That’s how a homemade breakfast cereal was born – right in our own kitchen – just for our family.

Then our kids talked – as all kids do – and word got around – as it usually does – and suddenly neighbours, friends and acquaintances, with their kids started showing up at the crack of dawn. At first I thought it was me they wanted to meet but soon I realised it was the almonds and raisins, the dates and the figs, the crunchy – munchy – healthy grains coated with honey, that they were after, that they had heard about on the children’s gossip circuit.

So Ashrafa and I made many times the quantity of the cereal, packaged it and it reached the shelves of all good stores. The original formula remains the same – best quality dry-fruits, nuts and grains. NO artificial chemicals, NO refined additives. We want to share this healthy goodness, not only with our family, neighbours and friends, but with anyone who cares to pick up this pack.” 

Waheeda Rehman

Yes, it’s possible. Good Health and Good taste can come together

Who we are


We are a Therapeutic Nutrition Company dedicated to creating nutritious alternatives to breakfasts and snacks for the health conscious consumer. Our Functional Food range of delicious snacks enriched with plant-based bioactives aim to promote well being from within.


Refined Sugar Free

Our products contain no added processed sugars. All sugars in our products comes from natural sources, such as dry fruits like raisins, dates & figs or from jaggery and honey. Unprocessed sugars are easily metabolised by your body and better for you when compared to processed sugars.


100% Natural & Plant based

Nothing we use is artificial! Natural ingredients, natural sugars, whole grain, nuts and seeds and no additives of any sort. There are no added sugars, salt, preservatives, chemicals, artificial proteins, no oils. Our products are truly all natural. We give you the goodness of the Earth in a box.


No Preservatives

Our products are free from any added preservatives. We ensure industry standard shelf lives by optimising our packaging to extend shelf life. With the use of modern technologies, we are able to give you a long lasting product which stays fresh providing you time and again with a healthy product you can trust.


Highest quality Ingredients

We only use premium ingredients like California Almonds, Arabian Dates, Australian Rolled Oats and more. We do not compromise on quality by using by-products or compromised alternatives. Consistently giving you healthy, scientifically validated products that you can trust!


Therapeutic Plant Bioactives

Our scientifically validated plant bioactives used in our Functional Foods are entirely plant based and vegan. Suitable for health conscious consumers looking for wholesome vegetarian options with enhanced nutrition on the go!


Talk to us

We value our customers and their satisfaction with our products. Send us your valuable input and we will try to accommodate you.

Smoothie bowls, parfaits and more!

Spring is here! Nowruz Mubarak

The 3000 year old ancient festival of Navroze celebrates the Spring Equinox and the bounty of food it brings with it. Delight in nature’s finest harvest of whole grains, nuts, dates, figs and raisins with Avesta Good Earth Food’s Classic Muesli!

Season’s Greetings from Avesta Good Earth Foods 2020-21

We wish you a happy healthy and fit New Year! Good nutrition has always been important but ever so more this last year. Avesta Good Earth Foods, continues to bring you nutritious, immunity boosting deliciousness as it should be eaten! Good for Earth, Good for You!

Guilt free laddoos this Diwali?

For those of you really looking for an alternative to the super rich, fattening Diwali sweets….try this! Make some choco muesli energy bites a.k.a muesli laddoos instead! They’re filled with almonds, dates, figs and raisins. All the good stuff in one bite without all the added sugar, saturated fats etc that Diwali sweets normally contain.

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