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An all time favorite combo! Strawberries, yoghurt and Muesli. It’s a beloved breakfast across continents. We like to switch it up by using a dairy free coconut milk yoghurt. Fresh sweet and tangy strawberries combined with crunchy, munchy, nutty Classic Muesli all brought together with creamy coconutty goodness. Its super simple to put together but complex in its satisfcation!

Muesli parfaits are versatile!They are delicious with multiple fruit combos and oh to so easy to carry to school, work or even the gym!

Parfaits are a great way to get kids excited about healthy Muesli breakfasts. Ditch the unhealthy cereals full of artificial sugars and colours and instead educate them on how to appreciate quality ingredients present in Mueslis. Get them involved by creating their own parfaits and they will be more likely to try their own creations.

  • 40g Classic Muesli
  • 6 Fresh Strawberries
  • 4 Tbsp Coconut Yoghurt
  • Fresh mint leaves

Grab a glass with a wide mouth. Add your first layer of Classic Muesli on the bottom. Next, add fresh sliced strawberries on top of the muesli. Now, add a dollop of cold coconut yoghurt on top of the strawberries to complete the first segment of the parfait. Add in repeating order to create a couple more segments. For the final touch of freshness, add a couple of mint leaves on top. Et voila! Your parfait is ready to dig into! Don’t skip this one. It’s a keeper.

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